team of “destination”

The Astros have now played in three of the most gut wrenching play-off games in baseball history. But now Astro fans can enjoy the victory as opposed to the consolation prize of "if only." In1980 the Astros dropped game 5 to the Phillies 8-7 in ten innings. That game featured 5 lead changes and was part of perhaps the most dramatic series in post-season history. The game 6 loss to the Mets in 86 has been referred to as the greatest game ever played. It would be hard to argue otherwise. The Mets trailed 3-0 entering the 9th, tied it , went ahead in the14th ,only to have Billy Hatcher hit the game tying HR in the bottom of the inning. After falling behind by three in the 16th the Astros scored twice and had the tying run in scoring position when it ended. So for pure drama, yesterday might come up a little short.But for heroics, unequaled. During the regular season Brad Ausmus and Chris Burke combined for 8 hrs in 705 at bats. I don’t know about you , but with two out nobody on in the 9th, I was thinking " Well we’ll get them in Atlanta." In 86 Charlie Kerfeld referred to our club as a " team of destination." When Ausmus hit that 2-0 pitch from Farnsworth out to tie the game that immediately entered my mind.Of course, without Berkman’s slam there is no Ausmus moment and likewise without Qualls, Wheeler Lidge theres no Burke and no Clemens. This may seem a bit odd, but my favorite moment in that game may have been the Rockets second at bat. If you ever get a chance to watch this game again, check out the hack he takes at the first pitch in that ab. Maybe the prudent approach would have been to take a pitch or try to poke a single the other way. Not Clemens, he wanted train tracks, he wanted history. But mostly he wanted to win and that swing helps define him almost as much as the effort on the mound does. So Chris Burke has  secured a place in Houston baseball lore and now the question is , how far can this team of "destination" go.


Well said! It was an incredible game and an incredible experience being there.

Wish you and Brownie were calling those post-season away games–you guys make a great team and always do a fabulous job!

Couldn’t of said it better. Clinching the wild card the last day of the season…reminescent of the past, coming back in true Astro fashion. I couldn’t be prouder of them and I can’t wait to see the game again and again and again. You gotta love this franchise! Such a class act.

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