April 2005

Maiden Voyage

This is my first foray into the world of blogging. I don’t know if that makes me a dinosaur or not, but as they say in the cliched world of sports it is what it is. I pitched for 9 seasons in the big leagues and a few more in the minor leagues. I spent six years with the astros and currently serve as the tv analyst for their road games. I’m here to talk ball and whatever else makes sense.

Clemens_1 Last night i had the pleasure of watching the Clemens- Maddux match-up at Minute Maid . It is remarkable what they have been able to do. They are not merely clinging to their past, they continue to excel and in Rogers case dominate. The rocket could easily be 5-0, but has absolutely no run support. A soccer team would put more points on the board for him. It may be that the hitters are becoming so aware of their struggles with him pitching that they are pressing and not having good at bats. "We never score for Roger" may  becoming a self fulfilling prophecy. Of course the club has struggled to score runs no matter who is on the hill, so its more likely a case of a team that is iBerkmann a funk. The return of Lance Berkman will clearly help and if the starting pitching continues to pitch at such a high level than this team can turn it around. One thing  I can say with confidence is that Garner, Bagwell and Biggio will not let this team stop competing.