Game Four

At a luncheon to kick off the ’05 season, Lance Berkman keenly observed that the Astro roster,with a number of highly seasoned veterans and a bunch of relative newcomers resembled a Father-Son game.Well, if these Dads and their  "sons"  gather for a family reunion many years from now they will fondly remember treating the fans of Houston to the greatest season in team history. I don’t think they are the best team in club history, that might be the 98 version, but they are the team that played the best when they needed to. And they will be remembered for bringing the first pennant to a city craving one.It is truly an astonishing accomplishment.

All the way back in spring training in Kissimmee, I had numerous scouts tell me the Astros had taken a significant step backwards. And they seemed vindicated as you watched this team play the first two months of the season. People will talk about how resolute this team was, but the real story of the 05 Astros is pitching. When you have the caliber of pitching the Astros featured, you’re in almost every game. And if you almost never get blown out early you’re going to win your fair share.And this year, that share was just enough to reach the post season.It was the combinaton of great pitching and just enough hitting that pushed the Astros through the LDS and the LCS. In the World Series they came up  a bit short on both ends. And I do mean just  a bit. Because even though  they were swept, they were hardly dominated. One or two key hits and the Astros are even, if not better after four games.That reality will haunt the players,but hopefully they will be able to turn the page and realize what a magical season they provided their fans.


The 2005 season had it’s up’s and downs. But i’m proud to be an Astros fan. Got to go to game 2 and 6 of the NLCS.I hope the Astros can get Brian Giles.

Yo JD. Thanks to you and Bill for making it easy for this Astros fan to keep any eye on the team.

I’ve enjoyed listening to or watching this team for years. I appreciate the owner and management for putting, and keeping this team together. What a ride this season!
The players fought to the end and I felt bad things didn’t go their way in this series. I will always remember Roy’s performance in the NLCS clincher. That is the memory I’ll carry into next year.

Hey JD it’s great listening to you in your broadcasts.
This was a marvelous season and one for the books. Before the series started, I was more than satisfied as an Astros fan, because whatever happened next, they made it, they were there, at THE Series, and it’s something Bidge and Bags and all the rest will carry with them. So thanks to all of them for a thrilling season and a chance to watch nail-biting baseball that I cared about deep into October.

P.S. Go tell Bags to learn how to throw left-handed, like any self-respecting first baseman does…

jd…larussa is percieved as unconventional. how many mgrs.suicide bunt down 4 runs like he did thurs nite??

I agree, if David Wright has a mental problem of throwing the baseball, the New York media definitely won’t make anything of it.


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