Big Tickets

Every year since 1986 that the Astros have been in the post season, I’ve purchased tickets for all potential play-off games. They arrive in a big manila envelope and come in strips that you have to tear off for each game. The World series tickets are always quite a bit bigger than those for the LDS and the LCS, and every year prior to this magical season they’ve been rendered useless. When they first arrive I look at those series tickets in the same way I once looked upon a shiny new bike in the ailes of Crow’s sporting goods back in my hometown of Massena, NY.  Kids today would probably feel the same about an ipod or cell phone with cool ring tones.Brimming with anticipation, I hoped I’d get to throw that bike in the back of the car, or better yet jump on and ride home.Similarly, each post-season I hoped this would be the year I’d get to use those series tickets, but it was not to be. Someone would always manage to crash the party.No doubt, I was thrilled to find that bike on the back porch one summer day. The answer to a birthday wish. And now for Astro fans ,this one included, another wish fulfilled.

We finally get to use those big shiny tickets, the ones that used to stare up at us from the bottom of some desk drawer, a painful winter reminder of what could have been in the fall. This year, there was no Garry Maddox, no Jesse Orosco, Walt Weiss or Jim Edmonds. There was Albert Pujols trying to ruin the party,but it was not enough. Roy Oswalt made sure of that.So, let’s raise a glass to the 05 Astros. Thanks to you ,we finally get to use the big tickets.


I think you meant to say ‘Greg Maddux’ instead of ‘Garry Madux’ 😛

JD, Drayton doesn’t buy the tickets for you?

Jimmy Joe, that’s the best plug for Massena since Jim Carey’s movie, “Me, Myself and Irene.” Hope all is well with you and your family. Good luck to the Stro’s.

Ummm… I think JD knows what he’s talking about pleiadesus. Gary Maddox hit a game winning double for the Phillies in the 10th inning of game 5 to beat the Astros in the 1980 NLCS.

I wonder if JD’s 8 consecutive strikeouts has ever been equaled or exceeded. I was there all these years ago.

I was there for JD’s K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K game too, amazing, also had 11 straight strikes, I believe.

really fun to read your blog JD, as you were one of my heros in the ryan-scott-JimD days.

Glad to see you are covering the games and that the stros are finally coming into their own, after 25+ years of being a great class-act team.

Here’s hoping they CRUUUUUUUUUUZ into their first championship, they deserve it!!!

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