It’s about 15 mminutes before gametime and I come to you from the booth at Busch Stadium. If the rain water dripping on my back is any indication then a new ballpark here in St. Louis was a very good idea. The Cardinals must sell more jerseys than any club in baseball. Everybody here wears a team jersey with their favorite player’s name on it. And not just the big boys either. Sure, there are plenty of Rolens and Pujols but the lesser known guys are supported as well. Even the players who have moved on are displayed. Theres a Vina sitting right next to a Matheny. Of course, with the prices you pay for those things you’re not going to toss one out just because your guy got traded.The Phillies must feel like they have to run the table to catch the Astros now. I’m predicting a Saturday clinching in Houston. There is alot of speculation as to who the redbirds would prefer to play in the second round. Everyone is assuming they will blow through the Padres. It’s hard to think otherwise.


Hey Jim, this is the 2nd astros blog I’ve read and both have already put the Cards in the NLCS….I hate the fact that SD will shock the baseball world (but not me) and EASILY defeat StL in the NLDS….then Astros will sweep the Padres and the Yankees will beat the ‘stros in 5 or 6…..
I’m a huge Cards fan but their lineup has gone limp this month regardless of the fact we clinched early,,…plus Carpenter is very beatable now (too many gopher balls) and Mulder is inconsistent….and Pujols has just been terrible this month..1 RBI over the last 3 weeks (a ferocious groundout)

For a realistic StL blog, read my “Redbird Flight 2005” at this MLB site.

Hey J.D.
I wish the Astros could’ve clinched Saturday like you predicted. However, it looks like we are going to have to pull out some game no. 162 magic like last year. I just wanted to thank you for your coverage of the highs and lows of this unpredicatble season. Hopefully Houston can enjoy watching you broadcasting in Atlanta.

Chris “The Home Stretch in Houston”

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