For so many years he’s been such a force in the batting order and on the field. Even when he struggles at the plate, he helps you win games. I’m not prepared to write him off, but if the upcoming surgery doesn’t do the trick and he is unable to return in a meaningful way he will be sorely missed.  There has been a fair amount of debate lately as to whether Jeff is a Hall of Famer or not. I believe he is. As a matter of fact I think he should be a first ballot guy. Consider that he played his first 9 seasons in the Astrodome. If he spent those years in a more neutral park, he’d likely be at 500 plus home runs which would all but guarantee enshrinement. 1991 rookie of the year, ’94 MVP [only the third player in NL history to be the unanimous pick for MVP]. He is the only 1st sacker in Major League history with at least 400 long balls and 200 stolen bases. He is one of 7 first basemen in ML history to drive in 1500 and score 1500. His lifetime average is just a notch below 300. Generally considered among the best fielding first basemen in the game, he won a gold glove in 94 and probably deserved a couple more. His baseball instincts are as good as anyone I’ve played with or watched in the last 20 years. And one other thing. He is exactly the kind of player you want your young players to model when they come to the big leagues. Smart, accountable and ultimately professional. If he spent his career in NY, LA or ironically Boston there would be no debate.


Hi there Jim. Great Blog about Jeff. I hope he still makes it back this season. Big fan of his and other Astro’s.Plus a fan of yours. I’m going to have a post and pictures up soon.

No doub bagger is HOF

No doubt bagger is HOF

I agree that Bagwell should be a HOF’er. He should get some bonus points for being an Astro lifer. I’ve always been fond of the great players that stick with a club for the distance. I don’t begrudge those that move around, but there’s something special about thinking of the great ones that are forever associated with one team (i.e. Ripken, Gwynn, Brett).

Hi Jim,
For those of us who have seen Baggie grind it out every day, and play the game the way it is “supposed to be played” you can only hope they reward him with the HOF. You have to marvel at his desire to come back, if anyone can do it, he can. Great stuff in the blog and on the airwaves. Who would have thought your incessant ramblings in the bullpen of Scott Carpenter park in Boulder, Colorado would have amounted to a future career. Tkae care buddy and keep up the good work….Chief

Baggie would probably be a first ballot HOF if only he was’nt Mr. 0 for October

I think Baggs is a sure-in first ballot. Biggio will make the HOF easily as well. Among 2nd baseman with 5000 ABs he ranks in the top 10 in HRs, doubles, hits, extra base hits, and steals. It has been a privilege watching these two Cooperstown bound guys play together like this.

In my opinion Jeff Bagwell, is the greatest ball player to ever put on an astros uniform, and when The Number 5 goes up on the wall at minute maid I’m going to be there, if it’s next year so be it, i just hope they don’t make us wait as long as it took them to put diekers, or wynn’s number up there. The Astros need to take care of Jeff, and so do the Fans, he has given us a lot to cheer for, and I got one little note for the doubters, how many times did the astrodome go nuts from one swing from jeff baggwell? Oh, heres food for thought, Brandon Backe has as many steals as Carlos Beltran!

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